Journey to the Centre of the Earth

DAWN was buzzing this morning with lots of excitement for day 3 of programming despite the light thunder shower this morning. A group of girls and guiders hopped on the bus to travel to the Tablelands which is also known to be the centre of the earth.  When we got there, we began to hike up the trail, our Parks Canada guide Jay, demonstrated with 2 girls on how the Tablelands were created and taught us about how there was once glaciers where we were standing.  She pointed out different types of carnivorous plants and taught us about the elements and compounds that are found in the rocks. Abby from patrol 10, learned that there is a lack of nutrients in ground to help different plants grow. Afterwards, we were able to continue to walk the rocky trail, take in the scenery until we stopped at the canyon. We stopped for a snack and hydration break while we took in the views of the wonderful little waterfall going down the canyon and the rocks from the earth’s mantle.

Looking for Fossils
Looking at different shapes and patterns within the rocks
Our Guide Jay describing plate tectonics

Published by nlgirlguides

NL Council Interprovincial Camp - DAWN 2019 will be a large camp for NL Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers, with participants from provinces within Canada. It will be a true basic camping experience involving tenting and patrol cooking with a program full of challenge and fun. Join us for adventures in water activities, arts, crafts, sports and exploring the western part of the island of Newfoundland situated in spectacular Gros Morne National Park!

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