Teamwork—that’s what matters!

After months of planning, 12 Rangers completed a challenging 16 km overnight hike on July 31- August 1. Starting near Trout River, a small fishing community in Newfoundland & Labrador, 12 Rangers and 3 Guiders setoff for Green Gardens trail in GrosMorne National Park. On route to their destination, the group stopped to find two geocaches – one near the Tablelands’ red rocks made from the Earth’s mantle, and one in the town of Trout River.

The Green Gardens trail proved to be difficult on day 1, as the day was hot and Rangers had to carefully trek over exposed rock. The importance of being prepared and teamwork soon became apparent, as the group had to stop multiple times to rest, rehydrate and cook their upside down pizza lunch on the trail.

After making camp at the backcountry campsite, the group headed down to the beach as it was low tide. They climbed over exposed sea rocks and tide pools to go sea caving, and cooled off by dipping their feet at a seaside waterfall. Beautiful scenery and roaming sheep along the coastline helped to revitalize everyone! 

In addition to conquering mountains, the Rangers made their own geocache for future hikers and completed the Newfoundland and Labrador Geocaching Challenge – yes there’s a badge for that!

Although the trail tested the physical and mental preparedness of both first-time and experienced overnight hikers, the Rangers finished the trek. Why? Because they knew they had a destination to reach, a personal goal to achieve, and they were doing it together. 

-Erika Parrill, Adventurous Guider

Published by nlgirlguides

NL Council Interprovincial Camp - DAWN 2019 will be a large camp for NL Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers, with participants from provinces within Canada. It will be a true basic camping experience involving tenting and patrol cooking with a program full of challenge and fun. Join us for adventures in water activities, arts, crafts, sports and exploring the western part of the island of Newfoundland situated in spectacular Gros Morne National Park!

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